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Winchester Lever Action 94 Shims

Winchester Model 94 Lever Action
Lever, Trigger and Hammer Shims

Shims for:

  • Finger Lever and/or Hammer - .189" X .368"
  • Front Link Shims - .189" X 293"
  • Trigger - .126" X .243" - (Same as S&W Combat-X Trigger)

Regular Assortment - 2 each Lever, Hammer and Trigger Shims is as follows:

  • 6 Piece Kit comes with .003" Shims
  • 12 Piece Kit comes with .003" and .005" Shims
  • 18 Piece Kit comes with .002", .003" and .005"
  • 24 Piece Kit comes with .002", .003", .005": and .007"

Each Shim is Available in .002" - .009" - You Can Choose Your Assortment

Make your selection of quantity and then list style, thickness.

Add all shims together for quantity discount

Winchester 94 L/H/T Shim Kit
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Winchester Model 94 Disassembly at

Winchester Model 69A ~ 75S Bolt Shims

Winchester Model 69A and 75S Bolt Shims

Winchester Bolt Shim

Bolt Shims for 1950’s Vintage Winchester 75 Sporter
made between 1938-1958

Also Fits Winchester 69A
made between 1935 and 1963

How does a Bolt Shim work?
The actual head space is in the recessed face of the bolt. Shimming between the two bolt halves ensures the bolt is up tight against the breech. If the bolt is not up tight against the breech it tends to cause misfires and light strikes.

When the bolt action rifle’s bolt locking surfaces become worn increases in the headspace can cause light firing pin strikes, poor ignition (misfires), looseness of the bolt, and loss of accuracy. Excessive headspace causes the bolt to feel loose.

If you are getting misfires and light strikes shimming the bolt is a good way to solve it.

Winchester Bolt Shim

TriggerShims Winchester 75S Bolt Shim 4 Pak include;
1 x .002" - 1 x .003" - 1 X .004" and 1 X .005"

Total of .014" potential adjustment so you will be assured
to have more than needed to adjust one rifle.

(.450" X .565") Available .002" through .005"

Winchester 75S Bolt Shim Pak
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Winchester Miroku 1873 Shims

Winchester Miroku 1873 Finger Lever Shims

Miroku Finger Lever Shim

Winchester (Miroku) 1873 Finger Lever Shims

(.198" X .499") Available .002" through .009"

198X499 Miruko Win 1873 Finger Lever Shim
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Winchester Miroku 1873 Shims

Miroku Hammer Shim

Winchester Miroku 1873 Hammer Shims

Winchester M73 Miroku Hammer Shim

(.198" X .401") Available .002" through .009"

198X401 Miruko Win 1873 Hammer Shims
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Winchester Wolff Gunsprings

Winchester Model 94 Reduced Power Hammer Spring Pak

Wolff 32739

Hammer Spring Pak Winchester 94 Lever Action Rifles (coil-type)

For the improve trigger function and letoff.
13 and 15 pound Reduced Power Spring allows the shooter a choice trigger improvement.
The factory hammer spring is rated at 18 pounds.
Please Note: Springs not for use in models with flat-type mainspring.

Wolff 32739 $17.95 Free Shipping USA

Wolff Tubular Magazine Spring

Wolff tubular magazine springs for rifles and shotguns are for general purpose repairs.
These springs offer approximately 20% extra power over original factory springs to improve feeding.
Springs are 40" long to permit fitting to most any length magazine tube

Wolff 65064

  • 30-30 Winchester
  • 32 Winchester Special
  • 38-40 WCF

Wolff 65065

  • For 44/40
  • 45/70
  • 45/90
  • Heavy .45 caliber rifles

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