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Volquartsen Custom Parts for 10/22 Rifles

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World Famous Volquartsen Parts and Accessories for the 10/22 Rifle and Mark Pistol Backed by Our Own 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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Volquartsen VC10TH Target Hammer
Lowers Trigger Pull to Under 3 Pounds

Fits ~ Ruger 10/22 and Thompson Center T/CR22

- The Fastest, Easiest Trigger Pull Improvement you can make!!
- VC10TH - "The Trigger Job in a Bag"

Fits; Ruger 10/22 Long Rifle and 10/22 Magnum ~ also ~ Thompson Center T/CR22

The Target Hammer is an the affordable way to improve the Ruger factory trigger pull and reduce the pull weight to 2.5-2.75 lb

This Kit will Drop in and give 2.5# Trigger Pull in most Thompson Center T/CR22


This is a very popular, fast selling kit, and a MUST HAVE for Serious Shooters!
By Far the Best Bang for Your Buck!
The Volquartsen Kit includes a Target Grade Hammer which will reduce your trigger pull a minimum of 50% to approximately 3 Pounds. Hammer notch is precision surface ground, no stoning or fitting is required.

Includes 2 Volquartsen Hammer Shims, Hammer Spring, Trigger Return Spring and a set of Hammer Bushings which are needed if you are replacing the Hammer in a Plastic Trigger Housing.
Requires disassembly of the trigger assembly for installation.
Brief instructions are included, and complete installation instructions and video are available here on my web site on my Shim Kit Installation Page.

Easy to install, no fitting, stoning, or modifications required.

VC10TH Instructions

Click on Picture to the Right for Printable Instructions

*NOTE on Ruger 10/22 Plastic Trigger Housings;
Due to inconsistancies in the depth of the Trigger Return Plunger Pocket,
some trigger reset problems could occour.
We have found better results with using your Stock Trigger Return Spring on some Plastic Trigger Housings rather than the lighter one that comes in this kit

 Make it a Combo Kit, add an 8 Piece Stainless Shim Kit just $8.00 more
(Save $7.00 if purchased separately!)


Click Down Arrow V to Add an 8 Pcs .006" Shim kit $53.95 ~ FREE Shipping (USA)

#VC10TH Kit ~ America First USA Made ~ $45.95 and FREE Shipping (USA ONLY)

Special Request Notes Below

NOTE:Will not work with BX Trigger

NOTE: This Kit will Drop in and give 2.5# Trigger Pull in the Thompson Center T/CR22

Link to: VC10TH Installation Instructions at Volquartsen

Lance, Shot the 10/22 with the upgrades. (VC10TH) All I can say is WOW. It shot so well that two of the guys I was with said they were going to buy 10/22s so that they could do the same. One other guy said he was going to do his and asked if I would help. Once again thanks for a great product! ~ Mark in DE

Lance, I received my order of 10/22 Shims and VC10TH. I started with 5 1/2 to 6 lbs. After installing the kit it was consistent at 2 1/4 lbs. What a difference they made! It is finally a joy to plink, and at longer ranges far more accurate. Thanks! I've told all the guys at the club, and showed them the difference, but you can't argue with a trigger scale. Thanks Again! Ted


GUNSMITH SERVICES: Ruger 10/22 Target Hammer Installation

Ruger 10/22 Target Hammer Installation - $100 Flat Fee

Installing the Target Hammer Kit in a 10/22 is an Enjoyable Job for Most

It is an easy straight-forward installation, I show you how in my Ruger 10/22 Target Hammer Installation Video.

1022 Trigger Assembly

For the Folks who do not want to do this themselves, I offer this service;
You Pay Insured Postage to Ship your Trigger Assembly ~ average USPS Priority cost is $15 and enclose payment with your shipment

For a Flat Fee of $100 I will;

  • Trigger Pull Weight Test - Beginning
  • Disassemble and Clean Your 10/22 Trigger Assembly
  • Provide and Install a Brand New Volquartsen VC10TH Target Hammer Kit
  • Measure and Install Hammer and Trigger Shims as needed
  • Reassemble and Lubricate
  • Trigger Pull Weight Test - Ending
  • Provide Return Shipping Post Paid Priority USPS - Insured for $150

At time of service, I will install any other Trigger Assembly Parts customer has requested

To request this service, shoot me an email and I will send you shipping and payment details

~ Click Here to Send Lance an Email about GunSmith Services~

Thank you very much the VQ10TH Hammer / Shim kit. Quick response & I'm very pleased with the improvement. Trigger Pull went from 5-3/4 # to 2-1/4 # with crisp smooth pull ~ Abel in MO

Hello Lance, I received the Volquartsen VC10TH Hammer Kit and your Shim Kit in the mail yesterday. Very impressed with the packaging and the quality. It took me less than 20 minutes to install in my 1022 ruger take down. Love it love it love it. Went from almost 6 pound trigger pull down to 2.4 pounds.... Thank You, George in WI


Volquartsen Target Trigger VC10TT

Fits ~ 10/22 and 10/22 Magnum

Improved trigger design gives the shooter more trigger control.

Also features an overtravel adjustment screw. Made of aluminum.
Includes Allen Wrench and 2 shims - Matte Black

This Volquartsen Trigger is as nice as any out there, Quality USA Made and
I Guarantee You Will Like It or Your Money Back!!

Stock #VC10TT - 30.95 Free Shipping in US Only

NOTE: Will not work with BX Trigger

You are my go to guy, already shared your website and promptness with all my shooting friends - Carl in CA


Volquartsen Automatic Bolt Release

Fits ~ Ruger 10/22 and Thompson Center T/CR22

Volquartsen Automatic Bolt Release
VC10BR Silver 
VC10BR-B Black

Does Not Fit 10/22 Magnum

Enables Shooter to Simply Pull Bolt Back Slightly to Release the Bolt.

This Eliminates the need to Push Up on the Bolt Lock Mechanism to Release the Bolt.
This is an Easy Drop In Installation.
Another Volquartsen Must-Have Accessory, you will wonder what you ever did without it!
Instructions are on our

Shim Kit Installation Page.

Auto Bolt Release: two common issues we have found that will prevent it from operating as it should. If you're experiencing issues, here are two quick things to check: Interference with some aftermarket extended magazine releases. The easiest way to check this is with the bolt locked open, push and hold the magazine release forward, pull back on the bolt handle and if it releases you have found the culprit. The good news is this is an easy fix. All that is needed is a small amount of material removed on either part. It should require no more than .010" removed. If an aftermarket bolt is installed (either in a Ruger® or other receiver) it's possible the bottom of that bolt is machined differently than the factory contour and will not allow the bolt release to work as designed. In this case, you'll more than likely not be able to get the bolt to lock open as it should. Unfortunately there is no fix for this and the factory bolt release is recommended.

Available in Silver or Black

# VC10BR-B Black..... $17.95 FREE Shipping USA ONLY
# VC10BR Silver..........$17.95 FREE Shipping USA ONLY

Choose Finish


Volquartsen Extended Magazine Release

VC10MR-B Black


The Extended Magazine Release Allows for Quick Release
of Factory Magazines.
Simply Reach in Front of the Trigger Guard
and Push Forward.
This is the Best Quality Mag Release on the Market in Our Opinion!
Fits and Works Perfectly with the Auto Bolt Release Sold Above.
Once Installed you will wonder why Ruger didn't think of this!

Available in Black only

#VC10MR-B Black $24.95 FREE USA ONLY Shipping


Volquartsen Exact Edge Extractor ~ VC10EE

VC10EE Fits ~ 10/22, T/CR22, 22/45 and Mark Pistols


Manufactured through an EDM Process
to Produce Exacting Tolerances
Made of A2 Tool Steel Hardened to Rc 58-60
The Hook is .005" Closer to the Rim of the Cartridge to Allow for the Most Positive Extraction Available!
Will Not Lose It's Edge Under Impact
Solves Jamming and Stove Pipe Issues
Another Must-Have for 10/22, 22/45 and MkI MkII MkIII Owners!
Also Fits ~ Thompson/Center T/CR22

NOTE: Extractor Spring No Longer Included

#VC10EE  $19.95 FREE USA ONLY Shipping


Volquartsen VC10FE 10/22 Bolt Tune-up Kit

VC10SSFP SureStrike Firing Pin and VC10EE Extractor
Fits ~ Ruger 10/22 and Thompson Center T/CR22


Volquartsen Sure Strike Firing Pin is designed to minimize and/or eliminate light hits on the Ruger 10/22 (LR model only). The SureStrike Firing Pin is precision EDM machined from A2 tool steel. The impact section of the firing pin is then surface ground to create the optimal “SureStrike” each and every time!

This new firing pin is also .004" wider than the factory firing pin to help eliminate side to side movement in the factory bolt.
Firing Pin Fits .22 LR ONLY - NOT for .22 Magnum

Hardened to a Rc 56-58 to prevent any excessive wear and deformation that can be found on the factory firing pin. The hardening process on the A2 material allows for a much deeper hardening when compared to conventional case hardening.
This VC10FE Kit Includes Both the VC10SSFP and the VC10EE

NOTE: Extractor Spring No Longer Included

#VC10FE $41.95 FREE USA ONLY Shipping!


Volquartsen Extended Bolt Handle
and Recoil Rod Assembly

Fits ~ Ruger 10/22 and Thompson Center T/CR22

Improved design gives the shooter more control.


The Extended Bolt Handle features the same shape and design as the bolt handle featured on our fully machined bolts. This handle has also been extended 0.25" for faster, easier operation. The recoil rod is polished, hardened and coated with a proprietary finish. This finish is not only extremely hard, but also contains lubricating features to create an extremely smooth operating guide rod. This coated recoil rod reduces friction which improves both feeding and ejecting. A recoil rod spring is also included. This spring has been cryogenically treated to withstand years of use.

Made in the USA

This Volquartsen Bolt Handle is as nice as any out there, Quality USA Made and
I Guarantee You Will Like It or Your Money Back!!

Stock #VC10EB-X - $47.95....... Free Shipping USA Only

Choose Silver or Black

TriggerShims Volquartsen Custom Parts Installation Videos:

TECH TIP VIDEO: Ruger 10/22 Firing Pin Kit Installation Video

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TECH TIP VIDEO: VC10TH Target Hammer Kit Installation Video

- 10/22 Reduced Trigger Pull Kit -
I Install a Volquartsen Target Hammer and Shim Kit in a New Ruger 10/22 w/ Plastic Trigger Housing and get over 50% Reduction in Measured Trigger Pull with no permanent alteration to original parts.

TriggerShims Logo

TECH TIP VIDEO: Ruger 10/22 Extractor Installation

TriggerShims Logo

TECH TIP VIDEO: Ruger 10/22 Volquartsen Extended Magazine Release

TriggerShims Logo

TECH TIP VIDEO: Ruger 10/22 Volquartsen Extended Magazine Release

TriggerShims Logo

TECH TIP VIDEO: 10/22 Auto Bolt Release and Extended Magazine Release Installation

TriggerShims Logo

Volquartsen F.A.Q.'s

How does the automatic bolt release work?

A. Your stock 10/22 works like this; 
Pull the bolt back with your right hand, with your left hand you lock the bolt in place with the little lever in front of your trigger guard- (the bolt release)
With your stock gun; your bolt is locked open, you pull the bolt back a little, AND with your left hand you push the bolt release and let your bolt go forward.
-If you install the Automatic Bolt Release-
Your bolt is locked open, You pull the bolt back a little AND LET IT GO
Thats it, Automatic Bolt Release, no fumbling with that little bolt release lever to release the Bolt from the Open Position.

Troubleshooting FAQ's

A Note About the Trigger Return Spring in Plastic Trigger Assemblies;

When installing the VC10TH or Wolff 18076 in a plastic trigger assembly we have found through field reports that it is best to reuse the Stock Trigger Return Spring and as the one included in these kits may not be heavy enough to properly reset the trigger on some plastic trigger assemblies.
While installing this spring will reduce the Trigger Pull Weight, the only way to tell if it will prove reliable is to try it.
This problem is rarely seen in Metal Trigger Housings.

If you're interested in learning more about
Volquartsen Aftermarket Parts

Click on the Link Below to go to Volquartsen's Parts Page

Volquartsen Website Aftermarket Parts Page


~ $5.00 Tracking UPGRADE ~

NOW Includes

Upgrade from FREE ECONOMY MAIL to
Bubble Pak w/ Tracking

(Shims Only) Orders - Add TRACKING $5.00 - USA ONLY

Shim orders DO NOT include Tracking!



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