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Ruger PC Autoloading Rifle

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Ruger PC Carbine Rifle

Rifle Shims and Parts

The Ruger PC Pistol Caliber Carbine is a blowback centerfire semi-automatic pistol-caliber carbine
Designed as a companion to certain Ruger Pistol-Series semi-automatic pistols, using the same 9 mm Parabellum and .40 S&W caliber cartridges and magazines of the P-Series pistols
The Ruger PC Carbine Uses the same Trigger Shims and Hammer Shims as the 10/22 Rifle

Item # VF9TH


Compatible with all Stock PC Carbines

Ruger PC Carbine Target Hammer Kit

Lower Trigger Pull By One Half*

Volquartsen VF9TH

Designed to give the factory Ruger PC Carbine a superb “Trigger Job” by simply replacing the factory hammer.
No stoning or fitting is required
Reduces trigger pull down to approximately 3.0 - 3.25lbs.
EDM cut from A-2 Tool Steel and hardened to Rc 58–60
Includes Hammer Bushings, 2 Hammer Shims, and Trigger Plunger with Optional Spring.

For Ruger and Compatible with all PC Carbines: 9mm / 40 S&W

  • Reduce your Trigger Pull from a stock-average 5 lbs to as low as 2.5 lbs
  • Improve accuracy and overall Carbine Performance
  • *Average Nearly 50% Trigger Pull Reduction!
  • Get the Best Ruger PC Carbine Trigger Job!
  • Works for Ruger PC Carbine!
  • Functions in all Ruger Carbine in 9mm and 40 S&W Models
  • Made in the USA by Volquartsen
  • Fast Shipping!
  • Level of Difficulty - Some Gunsmith Experience Recommended - Watch the Volquartsen Installation Video 👉 Here
  • This hammer kit is not compatible with Charger models

#VF9TH Kit..... $42.95 FREE Shipping w/ Tracking ~ USA ONLY

    Kit Includes;
  • EDM Cut Tool Steel Target Hammer
  • Hammer Bushing Set w/ Two Shims
  • Improved Steel Trigger Plunger and ~Optional~ Reduced Power Spring
Volquartsen VF9TH
    Add from Drop Down Menu:
  • Add 4 Trigger Shims ~ 2 each of two thicknesses to give you a choice of thicknesses for just $3 More! ~ $45.95
    .003" and .005" included, or Note Your Size Choice in Box Below
  • Add 2 Polished PC Carbine Trigger/Hammer Pins just $10 More

Optional Trigger shims shown in the top photo are used between the trigger and frame, so the trigger does not rub the trigger housing which can be a factor in trigger reset problems.
Usually one (1) set is used, choose the set that fits the best without causing binding.

It is known that Trigger Reset Problems plague this rifle, especially with modifications to the trigger assembly.
Read installation tips below.
I Suggest the Extra Power Trigger Reset Spring sold below with any purchase and Gunsmith Experience is Recommended

FREE Shipping / Tracking / Shipping Protection ~ USA ONLY ~ No Exports

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👉 Click Here to go to Volquartsen Installation Video

Hi Guys, Ordered a Ruger PC Charger Target Hammer and shims from you guys the other day, I am impressed!!! The old trigger pull was about 6 pounds and up, but once I installed the kit, it took it down to a 2 Pound Pull. Thank You ~ Max

Order Extra Shims, Extra Power Trigger Return Spring or
Stainless Mil-Spec Polished Pins for PC Carbine Trigger Below 👇

Searching the internet we found some users have reported that the Ruger PC Carbine experiences a trigger reset issue. Specifically, the trigger may fail to properly reset after each shot, preventing follow-up shots. Thoroughly cleaning the trigger assembly as recommended in the owners manual or at is advisable.
On a stock rifle if the problem persists, contacting Ruger for assistance would be advisable.
If you decide to modify the rifle trigger assembly with aftermarket parts, and continue to experience fail to reset issues, the culprit is often a weak or faulty return spring. You might consider stretching the spring or replacing it with aftermarket parts. Additionally, TriggerShims has an Extra Power Trigger Return Spring available. Consult a qualified gunsmith if you have questions

Item # PC Reset

PC Carbine Trigger Reset Problems

Item# VC10B

TriggerShims Customer Tony Writes;

Lance, after I installed the VF9TH I started to have trigger reset issues, so I tried several different things.
I have at least 4 to 5 hundred rounds through mine now and it feels solid . No reset issues at all.
Here is a list of what worked for me;

  • VF9TH Target Hammer with custom ground hammer bushings
  • TriggerShims trigger shims on the trigger
  • M*CARBO aluminum straight trigger shoe with supplied reset plunger and spring
  • M*CARBO Bolt Buffer Block
  • M*CARBO Extended Bolt Handle
  • M*CARBO Extractor
  • M*CARBO Trigger Pins
  • Some light polishing on the Disconnector Assembly

That trigger assembly really is not that complicated when you get into it. Maybe you can pass this info along.
It seems to be working... Tony B

👉 Click Here to go to 4 Most Common Ruger PC Carbine Problems You Must Be Aware of

👉 Ruger PC Carbine Problems - Trigger Reset

Item # PC Reset Tandemkross Fix

PC Carbine Trigger Reset Problems and Tandemkross Fix

Greg from Michigan writes that he cured his reset problems;

I had trouble with the trigger not resetting between rounds.
I have the M*Carbo bolt buffer pad installed, which is ever so much thicker than the original for which the trigger assembly was designed.
After talking to Volquartsen about modifications, I broke down the rifle again and also found one corner of the M*Carbo pad sticking up.
I re-installed the original Ruger pad, fired the first two fine then stopped again. Then I put my finger to the very bottom of the curved trigger, thus gaining leverage, and fired six rapid fire twice without a hick-up. Put another mag in and fired 4 more. Problem solved for the time being.

Shot an entire 5 stage SC course without a single fail to reset, or any other issue keeping my finger to the very bottom of the original curve trigger. Trigger pull had been reduced to 3-3.5 lbs.
Ordered a Tandemkross Victory Straight Aluminum Trigger, Tandemkross Bolt Buffer Pad, and a new Hardened Extractor. The Tandemkross Bolt Buffer Pad IS thicker than the original but NOT as thick as the M*Carbo. It also has a nice aluminum frame unlike the plastic from Ruger.

Went to the range and put out about 100 rounds, slow and rapid fire switching targets from side to side and top to bottom. Not a single issue, especially no fail to reset!. By switching to the Tandemkross Victory Straight Aluminum Trigger with the Volquartsen VF9TH Hammer the pull weight dropped to a repetitive 2lbs. Gauge never went over 2lb 2oz.

Item # PCTriggerShim

PC Carbine Trigger Shims

TriggerShims Ugraded for PC Carbine ~ New Larger .310" Outside Diameter
Larger O.D. than Standard 10/22 Trigger Shims

Our Trigger Shims for the Ruger PC Carbine can make the difference between a good and a Great Trigger Job!

PC Carbine Stainless Steel Trigger Shims
ID/OD ~ .126" X .310"
New ~ Larger .310" OD - Better Fit on Ruger PC Carbine and Ruger Mini-14 Triggers

Optional Trigger shims are used between the trigger and frame, so the trigger does not rub the trigger housing which can be a factor in trigger reset problems.
Usually one (1) set is used, choose the set that fits the best without causing binding.
If you measure with a feeler gauge, an ending clearance of .004" or more is advised.

Our Trigger Shim Pak Assortments are as follows;
2 Pak comes in .002"
4 Pak comes with 2 each .002" and .003"
6 Pak comes with 2 each .002", .003" and .004"
8 Pak comes with 2 each .002", .003", .004" and .005"
12 Pak comes with 4 each .002", .003", .004"
20 Pak comes with 4 each .002", .003". .004", .005" and .006"
24 Pak comes with 6 each .002", .003", .004" and .005"
30 Pak Gunsmith Special Assortment comes with 6 each .002", .003", .004", .005" and .006"
Choose ANY Pak Qty and Specify Your Requested Choice Thickness in Comment Box

Price Includes Free Economy Shipping ~ US and International

126X310 ~ PC Carbine / Savage / Mini-14T / LCR / LCP Shim
Shim Thickness
Enter Choice / Request Below

Item # PCPins

PC Carbine Trigger/Hammer Pins


TriggerShims Brand Upgraded Pins for PC Carbine

  • Larger O.D. than Standard Trigger/Hammer Pins
  • Mil-Spec Size Tolerance Plus .0001"-.0002"
  • High Polished
  • Stainless Steel Toughness

Our Trigger / Hammer Pins for the Ruger PC Carbine can make the difference between a good and a Great Trigger Job!

Stock Ruger pins are undersized for a Nominal 1/8" Trigger and 5/32" Hammer
Our Replacement Hammer and Trigger Pins will fit most all Ruger Brand Trigger Assemblies and some (not all) Ruger Brand Cast Hammers due to a burr left from Ruger factory


Our TriggerShims Upgraded Pins for PC Carbine will fit the Volquartsen VF9TH Kits we sell above

PC Carbine Stainless Steel Trigger/Hammer Pins

  • Trigger Pin OD - .1251" - .1252"
  • Hammer Pin OD - .15635" - .15645"
  • $13.95 Includes Free Shipping


Price Includes Free Tracked Shipping ~ USA Only / No Export


10/22 Rifle and PC Carbine Extra Power Trigger Return Spring

Wolff 89895 Extra Power Trigger Return Spring
(sits behind Trigger Plunger - MFR #B-40 Extra Power )

Use in Place of Ruger standard #B-40 spring when having problem with trigger reseting on 10/22 and PC Carbine

.019" + Wire

This spring is included in the 10/22 32340 Spring Pak.

Wolff 89895 #B-40 XP Trigger Return Spring.... $9.95

Free USA Shipping Economy White Envelope Mail
Ships USA Only ~ No International Shipping

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