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USA Feeler Gauge Set

The easiest way to Measure your Trigger or Hammer assembly is with a simple blade type feeler gauge.
I sell a Nice U.S.A. Made set you can include in your orders.
It comes with a Manufacturers Lifetime Warranty
This 32 Blade Gauge will measure from .0015" up and is perfect for general use.
The price is $16.95 and includes Free Economy Shipping



Have you ever experienced a Smith and Wesson® trigger spring flying past your eyeball, on it's way to heaven know's where ? Or perhaps you've jammed a makeshift tool into your hand while trying to install a S&W® trigger spring and rebound? Not a fun thing! Anyone who's worked on S&W's most likely has a memory or two of flying springs!

The SmithMaster™ takes the worry out of changing S&W® Trigger springs. Works on all J,K,L, and N Frame revolvers.

The SmithMaster™ is a unique, double ended tool designed for easy, trouble free removal and installation of the S&W® rebound/triggerspring assembly. One end of the tool allows CONTROLLED REMOVAL of the rebound/trigger spring.

The other end allows CONTROLLED INSTALLATION, the trickiest part of the whole operation. No more trigger springs flying out and getting lost! The Smithmaster™ completely controls the spring, for worry free installation. Great for routine maintenance, and trigger jobs; especially usefull for trying different weight aftermarket trigger return springs, for a lighter, smoother trigger pull

Man sized Delrin main body/handle has deep "Gripper Grooves" for sure control. Removal and installation tool heads are hardened tool steel for long life, and are coated to prevent frame marring. Approx. 8" OAL. Very Thorough Instructions included.

It's the finest trigger spring tool ever made for S&W® Revolvers!
There is nothing that compares to it!

"This Spring Tool is a Must-Have to change the Trigger Spring on S&W K, L, N and J Frame Revolvers, Makes Disassembly and Reassembly a Breeze, Well Made and Worth Every Penny!"
~ Ralph the Gunsmith in Michigan Center

Price........ $33.95 Includes Free USA Shipping

Number of Tools

GunSmither's S&W Revolver Trigger Spring Tool

New Remington and Ruger Bolt Tool

New Remington and Ruger Bolt Tool - For Disassembly of Remington 600, 700 and Ruger M77 and 77/22-17 Rifle Bolts

R&R Bolt Tool

As of 2020 ~ I have reconditioned another lot of Menck Bolt Tool parts and have a fair quantity of tools now on hand

All Tools are Top Shelf Quality, The #2020 Menck Remington and Ruger Bolt Disassembly Tool,
Available Only at

7-1/2" steel tool makes bolt disassembly simple. For Remington 600, 700 and Ruger 77 bolt action rifles.

Eases Disassembly Of Firing Pin & Spring In Remington 600-700 Series and Ruger M77
One end for Remington 600-700 series bolts including XP-100 and 40;
The other end for Ruger M77 and 77/22-17 and 357/44 Caliber Models
Handscrew compresses Striker Spring until cross pin can be driven out
Specially Designed to Safely Compress Without Damage to Firing Pin on 600 / 700 and M77 Models

This tool would easily cost 1.5 times our asking price to produce at today's manufacturing rates!
Own the Original Tom Menck Remington and Ruger Tool, 
Designed and Originally Manufactured by a True Craftsman and Journeyman GunSmith, Tom Menck

I literally bought buckets of parts from Menck Estate, and this year (2020) I had some missing parts made and resurrected this Fine Old Tool
I have a mixture of these, some with black cross handles, some silver, you will be shipped what is available. I have had all parts freshly treated with Black Oxide for 2020, a photo copy of the Original Instructions included, and also included my own 2" hardwood dowel spacer specifically for the Ruger 77/22-17 and 357/44 models ~ You do NOT need this tool to install Our Bolt Shims

"This Bolt Tool is a Must-Have to change the Striker Spring on these Bolt Action Rifles, Makes Bolt Disassembly a Breeze, Well Made and Worth Every Penny!"
~ Ralph the Gunsmith in MI

Buy Two or Three and Save $$$!

Free Shipping ~ USA Only ~ Guaranteed In-Stock Order Now!

R&RBT ~ 2020 Bolt Tool

M77LH Bolt Tool

TriggerShims Bolt Tool for M77 Left Hand Rifles

This is my M77LH Bolt Tool - to my knowledge,
this is the only LH Bolt Tool made for these rifles.
Used to disassemble the Firing Pin and replace the striker spring
Works with Ruger M77 Mark II Left Hand Rifles

Free Shipping ~ USA Only ~ This is a LEFT HAND Tool

TM-M77LH Bolt Tools

Menck Bolt Tool demonstrated below on a Ruger 77/22 by Lance

TECH TIP VIDEO: Menck Bolt Tool demonstrated below on a
Remington 700 by Larry Potterfield

TECH TIP: Ruger 77 Striker Spring Installation

Ruger 77 Striker Spring Installation - $42.50

Installing the Striker Spring on Ruger 77 Rifles requires a Special Tool
The tool can be purchased from us, or you can send me your bolt and I will do it for you.

This is an easy straight-forward installation, I show you how in the Ruger Striker Spring Installation Video.

For the Folks who do not want to do this themselves, I offer this service; For a Flat Fee of $42.50 I will disassemble your bolt, clean it, Provide and Install a New Striker Spring kit, ($15.95) reassemble and lubricate, and Provide Return Shipping Post Paid - Insured. ($11.50)
To request this service, shoot me an email and I will send you shipping and payment details.

Wolf High-Performance Target Loads

Click to go to Brownells Wolff .22 LR Ammo

This is the ammo I use and recommend.
Five round groups in one ragged hole are possible with this ammo at 50 yards benchrest, as I have done it.
It may not be as consistent as the $15 a box stuff, but it fits my pocketbook when I want to make holes in paper!
Wolf 22 LR target ammunition is loaded with VihtaVuori powder prized by centerfire benchrest shooters for its consistent burn rates. The high-quality brass is formed using a proprietary manufacturing technique that maintains outstanding round-to-round consistency to help deliver consistent pressures and superb accuracy.
This ammo is sold and shipped through Brownell's - click the picture to go to Brownell's Wolff Ammo Page.

We hope you find what you are looking for here, but if not, Please click our Link to Visit Brownells.
TriggerShims is a Sales Affiliate with Brownell's and receives a small commision when you buy through our link.
Thank You!

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