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TriggerShims Logo Shirts

Item # Angry Snake Shirt

TriggerShims Angry Snake Shirt

SNEK Shirt

TriggerShims Angry Snake Shirt

Liberty or Death ~ Angry Snake Shirt

Liberty or Death ~ Don't Tread on Me

After Almost 20 years and Several Revisions I think I have made the Logo Design that I like best, The Angry Snake Shirt

Available in only L - XL and XXL Black to start, I may be adding other colors and sizes later

  • TriggerShims Logo Angry Snake
  • Quality Gilden "Heavy Cotton" Shirt
  • High Quality Detailed Screenprint Printing that becomes part of the fabric ~ Soft Vintage Style, Will Not Peel
  • Premium Quality ~ Logo Screenprint Made in the USA
  • Gilden Shirt from South America - NOT China
  • Available in Black in: Large - XL - XXL as shown
  • Free Shipping - Ships USA Only
Select Color / Size Below
Special Request

TriggerShims Shirts

T-Item # Angry Snake Sign

TriggerShims Logo Aluminum Signs

SNEK SIGN June 21 2022

Durable Aluminum Garage Signs

USA Made by a Veteran Owned Company in Iowa

Your Choice of our
Liberty or Death Snake
or American Flag Logo

Tammy purchased this sign for me for Fathers Day, and I was so impressed with the Quality and Finish, I decided to offer these Veteran Owned Company USA Made Garage Signs to our customers

Sign comes with a single hole at top for hanging and measures 11 3/4" across

Also Available in 3", 6" and 8" sizes and without mounting hole ~ inquire

Item # 11.75" Logo-Sign
Drop Shipped direct to you from the veteran owned business Arrowhead Outdoor Products

  • High gloss aluminum with UV protective coating
  • Suitable for outside or inside use, Will Not Rust.
  • High quality detailed sublimated printing that becomes part of the aluminum
  • Premium Quality ~ Made in the USA
  • Special Order - Please Allow 2 Weeks for Delivery
  • Free Shipping
Choice: American Flag or Gadsden Snake or Angry Snake
Choose Logo Style from Drop-Down Below
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TriggerShims Logo Sign

v.1t Item # FG161D


USA Feeler Gauge Set

The easiest way to Measure your Trigger or Hammer assembly or your Cylinder Endshake is with a simple blade type feeler gauge.
I sell a Nice U.S.A. Made set you can include in your orders.
It comes with a Manufacturers Lifetime Warranty
This 32 Blade Gauge will measure from .0015" up and is perfect for general use.
The price is $16.95 and includes Free First Class Shipping and Tracking USA

Price includes Free Shipping and Tracking in USA Only ~ Sorry No Exports ~

EZE-LAP Diamond Hone & Stone

New Remington and Ruger Bolt Tool

New Remington and Ruger Bolt Tool - For Disassembly of Remington 600, 700 and Ruger M77 and 77/22-17 Rifle Bolts

R&R Bolt Tool

As of 2020 ~ I have reconditioned another lot of Menck Bolt Tool parts and have a fair quantity of tools now on hand

All Tools are Top Shelf Quality, The #2020 Menck Remington and Ruger Bolt Disassembly Tool,
Available Only at

7-1/2" steel tool makes bolt disassembly simple. For Remington 600, 700 and Ruger 77 bolt action rifles.

Eases Disassembly Of Firing Pin & Spring In Remington 600-700 Series and Ruger M77
One end for Remington 600-700 series bolts including XP-100 and 40;
The other end for Ruger M77 and 77/22-17 and 357/44 Caliber Models
Handscrew compresses Striker Spring until cross pin can be driven out
Specially Designed to Safely Compress Without Damage to Firing Pin on 600 / 700 and M77 Models

This tool would easily cost 1.5 times our asking price to produce at today's manufacturing rates!
Own the Original Tom Menck Remington and Ruger Tool, 
Designed and Originally Manufactured by a True Craftsman and Journeyman GunSmith, Tom Menck

I literally bought buckets of parts from Menck Estate, and this year (2020) I had some missing parts made and resurrected this Fine Old Tool
I have a mixture of these, some with black cross handles, some silver, you will be shipped what is available. I have had all parts freshly treated with Black Oxide for 2020, a photo copy of the Original Instructions included, and also included my own 2" hardwood dowel spacer specifically for the Ruger 77/22-17 and 357/44 models ~ You do NOT need this tool to install Our Bolt Shims

"This Bolt Tool is a Must-Have to change the Striker Spring on these Bolt Action Rifles, Makes Bolt Disassembly a Breeze, Well Made and Worth Every Penny!"
~ Ralph the Gunsmith in MI

Buy Two or Three and Save $$$!

Free Shipping ~ USA Only ~ Guaranteed In-Stock Order Now!

R&RBT ~ 2020 Bolt Tool

Hi Lance, the striker spring tool arrived this afternoon, 30 minutes later I had the spring replaced - that’s a great tool! Thanks for your help!
Robert in LA

M77LH Bolt Tool

TriggerShims Bolt Tool for M77 Left Hand Rifles

This is my M77LH Bolt Tool - to my knowledge,
this is the only LH Bolt Tool made for these rifles.
Used to disassemble the Firing Pin and replace the striker spring
Works with Ruger M77 Mark II Left Hand Rifles

Free Shipping ~ USA Only ~ This is a LEFT HAND Tool

TM-M77LH Bolt Tools

Menck Bolt Tool demonstrated below on a Ruger 77/22 by Lance

TECH TIP VIDEO: Menck Bolt Tool demonstrated below on a
Remington 700 by Larry Potterfield

TECH TIP: Ruger 77 Striker Spring Installation

Ruger 77 Striker Spring Installation - $42.50

Installing the Striker Spring on Ruger 77 Rifles requires a Special Tool
The tool can be purchased from us, or you can send me your bolt and I will do it for you.

This is an easy straight-forward installation, I show you how in the Ruger Striker Spring Installation Video.

For the Folks who do not want to do this themselves, I offer this service; For a Flat Fee of $42.50 I will disassemble your bolt, clean it, Provide and Install a New Striker Spring kit, ($15.95) reassemble and lubricate, and Provide Return Shipping Post Paid - Insured. ($11.50)
To request this service, shoot me an email and I will send you shipping and payment details.


Joe Berk J Cylinder Blog Photo

BLOG TIP: Smith and Wesson J Frame Cylinder Shims

Click on Link Photo Link Right for ExhaustNotes Blog on S&W J Frame Cylinder Shim Installation

If you have Excessive Cylinder Endshake, or Barrel to Cylinder Drag in your S&W Revolver, Joe Berks ExhaustNotes Blog shows you what to do ~ Click to Open in New Tab

Click Here for Joe's Blogsite Tales of the Gun and Please leave a comment on Joe's Blog
Don't Forget to tell him Lance at Sent You!




Have you ever experienced a Smith and Wesson® trigger spring flying past your eyeball, on it's way to heaven know's where ? Or perhaps you've jammed a makeshift tool into your hand while trying to install a S&W® trigger spring and rebound? Not a fun thing! Anyone who's worked on S&W's most likely has a memory or two of flying springs!

The SmithMaster™ takes the worry out of changing S&W® Trigger springs. Works on all J,K,L, and N Frame revolvers.

The SmithMaster™ is a unique, double ended tool designed for easy, trouble free removal and installation of the S&W® rebound/triggerspring assembly. One end of the tool allows CONTROLLED REMOVAL of the rebound/trigger spring.

The other end allows CONTROLLED INSTALLATION, the trickiest part of the whole operation. No more trigger springs flying out and getting lost! The Smithmaster™ completely controls the spring, for worry free installation. Great for routine maintenance, and trigger jobs; especially usefull for trying different weight aftermarket trigger return springs, for a lighter, smoother trigger pull

Man sized Delrin main body/handle has deep "Gripper Grooves" for sure control. Removal and installation tool heads are hardened tool steel for long life, and are coated to prevent frame marring. Approx. 8" OAL. Very Thorough Instructions included.

Click Photo Link for Smithmaster Trigger Tool

GunSmither's S&W Revolver Trigger Spring Tool

New Machine Shop

We Strive Every Day to Only Buy American
~ America First ~ is not just a slogan for us,
It's Our Promise!

Woodshed November 2021

The Old Woodshed

Last fall, Tammy and I drug our old woodshed up from the woods, and I am reusing it to make my dedicated grinder building, the old horse shed where we had the grinders was low, and prone to spring thaw water and slight flooding.
An ongoing project, this will include a small furnace, it will be high and dry up on Timbers, and the grinders etc. will not be prone to rust.
My plans include a strip and paint of my old Delta Surface Grinder made in the 1950's and the addition of a Dust Collector.
Then, as my old railroad friend used to say.... We'll Be A Cooking With Gas!

Update June 2022 ~ The Grinder Building

The old Woodshed is set in place, I reclaimed an old door, and Tammy gave her a new coat of paint.
The stained black siding around the door is solid Cherry, Dad and I sawed on his mill over 40 years ago.
My next door neighors Nick and Stacey own the property the mill used to set on, and gave me one of the old doors so I could reclaim the lumber, I am quite happy with it because I think of Dad everytime I see it. Tammy got me a metal Liberty or Death logo sign for it, and I will start working on the inside in the fall.

Grinding Shed

TriggerShims Aluminum Outdoor Logo Signs are now available ~ Click Here ~

December 2022 - Early Winter, and the 78+ year old grinder is rebuilt and in it's new dry shed.
American Made with Pride by Delta Specialty Company founded by Herbert Tautz in 1919 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, there is no reason she won't see her 100th birthday and well beyond

January Update - the new dust collector is just about finished, and as soon as I have the belt grinder set up we will be running full steam again. Finishing a project like this is always a relief, and at the same time it is sad, I have built 7 buildings in 40 years on this property I farmed as a kid, and I hate to see projects come to an end.....

Grinding Shed

"The Duty of a Patriot is to Protect His Country from its Government."


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