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Ruger American Rifle

Bolt Action Rifle Trigger Shims

Sporting the Latest Engineering Improvements from Ruger including a Cold Hammer Forged Barrel, One Piece Three Lug Bolt, Integral Bedding Block System to Free-Float the Barrel for Outstanding Accuracy, and a Marksman Adjustable Trigger, the Ruger American Rifle was a hit with working men from day one!

Can you improve on this fine Rifle?
I think a set of TriggerShims Brand Shims can Certainly Help!!
But don't take my word for it, read this unsolicited Testimonial;

Yet again I am a very impressed customer.
I was given a Ruger American Rimfire by my sons and wife for Father's Day 2 years ago and I just couldn't get the trigger "just right". Now, I had to keep this rifle because it was given to me as a gift - so I worked and worked on the trigger, polishing until the trigger and sear were mirrors - but still it was gritty and inconsistent.
Then, I stumbled across your kit and video and $15 and about 30 minutes later - I had the trigger I always wanted and knew the Ruger had hiding in there somewhere.
My Ruger had .015 slop / play, so I had to use two shims to get .013 and I put it together per your video instructions - and put the bolt in and closed my eyes and ..... FANTASTIC!
Gone is the grit and creep and the trigger is now consistent and I can't be happier.
Thank you for making such a great product at a fantastic price point.
I remain a loyal customer -
R.M. in PA

Ruger American Rifle

Trigger Shims for Ruger American Rifle Bolt Action Rifle

  • TriggerShims Brand Trigger Shims fit Ruger American Rifle Triggers
    Remove side to side play in the Ruger Trigger Housing
  • Not a one-size-fits-all solution, but a Custom Fit Choice of Thicknesses ~ .002" to .009"
  • All TriggerShims Brand Shims are manufactured by me from USA 300 Series Stainless Steel
  • Designed by me specifically for each application, shims won't show after installation into stock
  • Ensures a Smooth & Wobble Free Trigger Pull ~ End Trigger to Frame Contact
  • My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Made in the USA by
  • We are the Original Manufacturer of this Ruger American Rifle Shim
  • For Installation Instructions - See my YouTube Videos below

Trigger Shims for Ruger American Rifles including Rimfire
8 Pak Kit Fits all Rifles

Fits All American Bolt Rifles both Centerfire and Rimfire

Standard Shim Kit includes 2 each of .002", .003", .004" and .005"
for a total of 8 Stainless Shim Washers
Includes a 1/8" Cheater Pin* (USA Only) to help installation

Kit Price Above Includes First Class Shipping w/ Tracking ~ USA ONLY
8 Pak Kit .........$16.00

*Cheater Pin included in KIT w/ Tracking ~ U.S. Orders Only

Ruger American Rifle Trigger Shim ONLY - NO Pin KIT.......$12.50 / Free Shipping Anywhere

Ruger American Rifle Trigger Shim Kit
Enter Special Notes Below

OR choose SHIMS ONLY below, economy mail shipping
NO cheater Pin Included

Choose your own mix of Ruger American Rifle Trigger Shims below
You Must Include Desired Thicknesses when ordering

Choose from .002" to .009" Thicknesses

Ruger American Rifle Trigger Shim Kit
Shim Thickness Choice
Enter Choice / Request Below

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