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International Order Instructions

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International Terms of Sale:
Condiciones de venta internacionales:
Condizioni di vendita internazionali:
Conditions de vente internationales :
Internationale Verkaufsbedingungen:

International Orders Terms of Sale
Important Instructions
~ No Gun Parts or Springs ~
We Export
Shims / Shim Assortments Only

Please Read All
International Terms

For Shims Only
Please Add $1 International Postage Below

Paying For Postage Affirms You Accept Our Terms and Your Address is Correct

Sorry, we are unable to do any international sales of firearms parts due to excessive cost and regulations.

Shim Orders are sent White Flat Envelope Mail
No Shipping Upgrades are available

We Export Shim Washers Only ~ No Other Items - No Gun Parts

Maximum Order $50 USD

Any Item other than Shims will be Refunded LESS $2 Transaction Fees

  • We Do Not Ship Gun Parts, Springs, Tools or Any Large Items Internationally
  • We Do Mail Shim Orders - Shims / Shim Assortments / Shim Kits Internationally, both Canada, Australia and International Orders
  • Flats Only for International Orders
  • All Shim Orders Include Free U.S. Shipping Economy Mail ~ we ask you to add $1 to offset the extra international postage costs
  • Yes, I do Ship Shims Internationally ~ Shims Only ~ by way of USPS First Class Mail ~ Flats Only
  • White Flat Envelope Personal Mail ~ No Tracking
    Plain White Unmarked Envelope Mail to reduce mail theft
  • I do not export any other items - If you purchase any item marked ~Ships USA ONLY~ you will be refunded and $2 deducted for transaction fees
  • Gun Parts and Spring Kits Ship USA Only, No Exports. No Exceptions.
    Any Item Marked Ships USA Only - Ships USA Only! ~ No Exceptions

  • No Guarantee on Orders to Africa, Philippines or the Middle East due to Losses,
    Order At Your Own Risk, Lost/Stolen/Undeliverable Mail Orders WILL NOT be Replaced!

    My only guarantee now to these areas is a gentleman's guarantee that I will mail your order, no guarantee that you will receive it.

  • If you cannot accept these simple terms, please do not order


PayPal ChargeCard Picture.gif
International Delivery Times:

Transit / Delivery Times:

International Orders are mailed free economy shipping
First Class Mail Ground WHITE Business Mail Envelope
Most International Orders take 2 to 4 weeks
This list is updated as I hear feedback from customers

    Please Allow Ample Time to Receive Your Order
    Time In-Transit for Shim Orders;

  • 2022 Australia was taking 3 to 7 weeks
  • 2023
  • As of 5/03/2023 Dawson Creek BC was 10 days
  • As of 5/03/2023 Netherlands was 8 days
  • As of 5/04/2023 Argentina was 32 days
  • As of 6/17/2023 Germany was 8 days
  • As of 6/26/2023 France was 12 days
  • As of 7/01/2023 QLD Australia was 32 days
  • As of 7/05/2023 Vienna Austria was 9 days
  • As of 7/07/2023 Germany was 21 days
  • As of 7/17/2023 QLD Australia was 17 days
  • As of 7/19/2023 Switzerland was 9 days
  • As of 7/24/2023 Domestic Mail to Arizona was 7 days
  • As of 7/29/2023 QLD Australia was 27 days
  • As of 8/03/2023 QLD Australia was 19 days
  • As of 8/10/2023 NSW Australia was 20 days
  • As of 8/27/2023 VIC Australia was 25 days
  • As of 8/27/2023 Sweden was 12 days
  • As of 8/28/2023 Ireland was 4 weeks
  • As of 8/28/2023 France was 7 days
  • As of 9/06/2023 NSW Australia was 31 days
  • As of 9/12/2023 Western Australia was 21 days
  • As of 9/13/2023 Finland was 12 days
  • As of 9/19/2023 Italy was 14 days
  • As of 9/27/2023 VIC Australia was 16 days
  • As of 9/27/2023 Hungary was 16 days
  • As of 9/30/2023 BC Canada was 7 days
  • As of 10/03/2023 QLD Australia was 22 days
  • As of 10/11/2023 Iceland was 8 days
  • As of 10/11/2023 Spain was 8 days
  • As of 10/16/2023 Spain was 14 days
  • As of 10/18/2023 New Zealand was 18 days
  • As of 10/18/2023 Quebec Canada was 22 days
  • As of 10/24/2023 France was 14 days
  • As of 10/31/2023 Germany was 8 days
  • As of 11/01/2023 New Caledonia was 10 + Weeks
  • As of 11/03/2023 QLD Australia was 11 days
  • As of 11/06/2023 France was 14 days
  • As of 11/08/2023 Sydney Australia was 19 days
  • As of 11/16/2023 S.E. Queensland Australia was 26 days
  • As of 12/05/2023 S Germany was 10 days
  • As of 12/05/2023 Italy was 14 days
  • As of 12/13/2023 Italy was 10 days
  • As of 12/13/2023 Sweden was 13 days
  • As of 12/14/2023 France was 15 days
  • As of 12/20/2023 South Australia was 20 days
  • 2024
  • As of 01/08/2024 France was 9 days
  • As of 01/10/2024 Italy was 7 days
  • As of 01/13/2024 QLD Australia was 24 days
  • As of 01/16/2024 England was 8 days
  • As of 01/26/2024 Italy was 11 days
  • As of 02/14/2024 QLD Australia was 20 days
  • As of 02/16/2024 Czech Republic was 15 days
  • As of 02/21/2024 New Zeland was 23 days
  • As of 02/25/2024 NSW Australia was 17 days
  • As of 02/28/2024 Thailand was 20 days
  • As of 02/28/2024 Slovenia was 6 days
  • As of 03/01/2024 Germany was 5 days
  • As of 03/05/2024 Belgium was 22 days
  • As of 03/06/2024 NSW Australia 15 days
  • As of 03/07/2024 Ontario Canada was 10 days
  • As of 03/08/2024 Germany was 6 days
  • As of 03/10/2024 New Caledonia was 38 days
  • As of 03/14/2024 Belgium was 6 days
  • As of 03/14/2024 Netherlands was 9 days
  • As of 03/15/2024 South Australia was 17 days
  • As of 03/27/2024 Tully, Far North Queensland Australia was 26 Days
  • As of 04/13/2024 Thailand was 16 days
  • As of 04/17/2024 NSW Australia was 14 days
  • As of 04/19/2024 Czech Republic was 12 days
  • As of 04/23/2024 Findland was 15 days
  • As of 04/23/2024 South Africa was 4 months 4 days
  • As of 04/23/2024 Slovakia was 8 days
  • As of 04/30/2024 Germany was 7 days
  • As of 05/03/2024 Sweden was 8 days
  • As of 05/22/2024 UK was 7 days
  • As of 05/23/2024 Germany was 14 days
  • As of 05/24/2024 Saskatchewan was 12 days
  • As of 06/03/2024 London England was 9 days
  • As of 06/21/2024 Brno, Czech Republic was 10 days
  • As of 07/11/2024 QLD Australia was 24 days
  • As of 07/13/2024 UK was 7 days

Sorry, we are unable to do any international sales of firearms parts due to excessive cost and regulations.

Thes Parts are clearly marked "Ships USA ONLY"

Any order placed outside the USA that includes these parts will be cancelled, and
$2 Will Be Deducted from the refund to cover PayPal Refund Charges

No Exceptions!

If you would like to order shims or shim kits;

Web-Site Prices Include First Class Mail Postage

We Do Not Offer Any Other International Shipping Options


We ship in a White Business Envelope, First Class Mail.
Shipping is Free

Please make sure your shipping address on PayPal is current and up to date.

We will ship the next business day from receiving your order.

Ground Mail - Most orders arrive within 14 days, but could take as long as 30 days or More, and some orders can take 90 days (example South Africa)

Contact us if it does not arrive in that time.

If you have a PayPal Confirmed Shipping Address,

I will Personally Guarantee Your order to arrive.

Thank You, we look forward to your order,

10/22 kits will ship with shims only, no cheater pin included for export.

Spring Kits are available to International Customers Direct from the Manufacturer at

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~ $5.00 Tracking UPGRADE ~

NOW Includes

Upgrade from FREE ECONOMY MAIL to
Bubble Pak w/ Tracking

(Shims Only) Orders - Add TRACKING $5.00 - USA ONLY

Shim orders DO NOT include Tracking!



Enter Customer Shipping Name Below

* USPS Ground Advantage™ Service
* Replacement for items lost or damaged during shipping

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We Cheerfully accept Cash, Money Order, and Credit Cards through our Secure PayPal Check-Out

All Website Orders are Shipped the Next Business Day

I will Ship Shims to USA, Canada and International

Gun Parts Shipped to USA Only

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"American Made Gun Shims" - -
TriggerShims is a Trademark
Shively Sales
Michigan Center, Michigan

Copyright 2008 ~ 2022

God Bless and Make America Great Again!


If you have any questions or safety concerns, see a qualified Gunsmith.

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